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Glorysky is a leading PCB manufacturer , we provide our global customer single & double sided, multi layer, highly advanced HDI, flex, rigid-flex and high-frequency boards.

Whatever challenges you have, our global PCB experts will according to the customer unique requirement,  special applications, various automotive and industrial standard, find the best solution for your requirement. 

First-class quality products

Glorysky attaches the greatest importance to first-class quality product. In order to fulfill the highest international quality standard and meet different application requirement needs, we have been working proactively on material supply, on product manufacturing processing, and on technology validations, we have invested in different world-class automated production and testing equipment to ensure this first-class quality through regular and extensive tests. 

Glorysky Material Supplier

Glorysky Printed Circuit Board Product

Our Products and solutions can be found in a wide variety of electronic markets, including automotive electronics in automotive industry, Industrial Control, Telecommunication applications for smartphones, big data processing, medical devises, smart home and household applications, Consumer Electronics, 5G High Frequency , LCD/LED Lighting and much more. 

Industrial Control &Power Supply(Thick Copper) 

•Plane Voltage Regulator

Board Thickness≥3mm

•N+N  Structure Design

•Copper Thickness≥3OZ

•Buried & Blind Hole Board

•POFV Technique

•Edge Plating

•Control-depth routing

Automotive Electronics 

Copper-In-Lay Technology

•Material for Auto Board

•Laser Drilling& Hole Filling

•Auto Infotainment System

•Driving Info-Display System

•Air-con Control System

•Display Modules & System

•IDAS (Intelligent Driving Assistance System)

 5G High Frequency 

Super Size

High Frequency Hydrocarbon Material & PTFE Material

•Back Drilling & Control-depth Drilling Tech

•Whole Board Mixed Pressing(High Frequency+FR4)

•Partial Board Mixed Pressing

•Burried Copper, N+N structure

•Accuracy Control of RF line graphics

•POFV Technique

•PIM Test(Arena)

•Edge Plating

Consumer Electronics 

Halogen Free Low DK Material

• Multi-layer HDI

• Thin Core Design

• 50/50μm thin circuits

• Pulse plating hole filling

 Display Modules & System

 Big Data / Storage 

Super Size

• High Frequency Material

• Loss Control

• Multi-layer HDI

• High Copper Plating A/R

• Deep Back Drilling、

•Press-fit Hole+/-2mil

• Impedance Control+/-8%

•POFV Technique

• Long & Short Gold Finger

•Different Level Gold Finger

 LCD/LED Lighting 

FD-FD Size Control

•Gold Finger interval 7mil

•Soldermask Color Difference Control

•Routing Tolerance±0.1mm

•Bniding PAD Control

Breakdown Voltage/ DTP Copper-based PCB 

•Copper Board Etching Depth Control Tech

•Base Copper Material

•Lamp Bead Design with small interval

• High Density Test(Open&Short Test)

•Routing Tolerance±0.08mm

• Pressing Technique of DTP

Medical devices

Multi- Resin-plugged hole

•Multi-layer HDI

•High Copper Plating A/R

•Control Depth Hole

•Blind Hole Filling Technique

•Buried Hole Technique

 PC graphics card 

High Frequency Material

•Low Loss

•Different Surface-finishing

•(Copper Plating Thick Gold)

•Long & Short Gold Finger

•Different Level Gold Finger

• Impedance Control+/-8%

High speed, optical module for industrial network

•High Frequency Material

•Low Loss

• HDI、N+N Structure

•Bonding PAD Design


•Impedance Control+/-8%

•POFV Technique

•Long & Short Gold Finger

•Different Level Gold Finger


Automotive  Electronics 

Consumer Electronics


Smart Home 

5G High Frequency 

Medical devices

Industrial Control 

Big Data & Storage

LCD/LED Lighting and EWS

Glorysky PCB Boards

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We are the leading PCB manufacturer and  provide our global customers with our secure and reliable solutions for any PCB requirement. 

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